[Linux-cluster] NFS/GFS performance tuning

David Merhar merhar at arlut.utexas.edu
Fri Feb 20 21:20:38 UTC 2009

Is this NFS performance to be expected?  If so, we can move forward,  
but  I would like to hear one way or the other.


On Feb 19, 2009, at 7:07 AM, David Merhar wrote:

> We have the cluster running without problem (RHEL5.3, gfs2).   The  
> improvements over the last 6 months are noticeable, and appreciated.
> The problem:
> Local file access (cluster member) is 160/135 r/w.
> rsh access across the network is 130/115.
> nfs access across the network is 45/27.
> Our test is
> dd if=/dev/zero  of=/nfs/mount/test_file bs=1M count=10000
> The remote system is also 5.3.
> We've tinkered with a whole lot of settings in nfs server/client,  
> gfs2 mount and tune parameters, and the network itself.  We've also  
> played with dd flags. Yet we can't cross the 27 Mb/s write  
> threshold.  (But we're willing to try again.)
> Any advice?
> djm
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