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2009/2/23 Rajeev P <rajpurush at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I have question regarding a network partition in a 2 node cluster.
> Consider a 2-node cluster (node1 and node2) setup with a cross-cable for
> heartbeat and setup to use HP iLO as the fencing mechasim. In the event of
> network partition (and this case assume that the cross cable was pulled out)
> one of the node's succeed in fencing the other. The question is, when the
> fenced node on rebooting would it attempt fence the existing node if
> it can't communicate with it (since the heartbeat network is still down).
> For example consider that in the event of n/w partition, node1 fences node2.
> Would node2 on rebooting  (can't communicate with node1) would attempt to
> fence node1 and form a 1-node cluster.
> If yes, can this infinite fencing loop be prevented in 2-node with the use
> of a qdisk which denies quorum to node rebooting?
> Regards,
> Rajeev
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