[Linux-cluster] Qdisk in initial quorum

Jeff Jansen jeff.jansen at kkoncepts.net
Thu Jan 8 13:22:59 UTC 2009

Is it possible to use a qdisk to ATTAIN quorum or does it only SUSTAIN quorum?

I have a STABLE2 version 2 node cluster that is set up with
'expected_votes="3"'.  There are two physical nodes and a qdisk, which at the
moment is simply a ping heuristic.

But on start-up qdiskd can't run unless the cluster already has a quorum.  I see
this in the logs when qdiskd is started:

qdiskd[2624]: <crit> Connection to CCSD failed; cannot start
qdiskd[2624]: <crit> Configuration failed
ccsd[3258]: Cluster is not quorate.  Refusing connection.
ccsd[3258]: Error while processing connect: Connection refused

Once the two nodes join together and form a quorum, then qdiskd (if it's
restarted) will start correctly on both nodes and becomes part of the quorum.
>From then everything happens as expected and one node can maintain quorum as
long as it can "see" the qdisk.

But I'd like the qdisk to be used to ATTAIN quorum at start up if necessary.  If
the whole cluster gets shut down (which actually happened a while ago when our
data center had a "power incident") :-) and only one node boots back up for some
reason, then I'd like it to form a quorum with the qdisk.  But at the moment it
doesn't seem possible since qdiskd refuses to start without a pre-existing quorum.


Jeff Jansen

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