[Linux-cluster] Qdisk in initial quorum

Jeff Jansen jeff.jansen at kkoncepts.net
Mon Jan 12 05:49:37 UTC 2009

Bevan Broun <Bevan.Broun at ardec.com.au> wrote on 2009-Jan-09:
> I set up a 2 node cluster with qdisk and had the behavior you are expecting. At least I get a running cluster with 2 votes when only 1 node is booted up. So it should work.
> I have
> <cman expected_votes="3" two_node="0"/>
> And
>         <quorumd interval="3" label="SOMENAME" min_score="1" tko="10" votes="1">
>                 <heuristic interval="2" program="ping -c3 -t2 SOMEIPADDR" score="1"/>
>         </quorumd>
> This is on RH-5.1.

Hmmmmmm, that's pretty much exactly what I have.  But qdiskd can't start because
ccsd refuses the connection saying that it's not quorate.

So when yours starts up, there's no error messages for qdisk not being able to
talk to ccsd?

This is on debian lenny : redhat-cluster -2.20081102-1.


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