[Linux-cluster] Red Hat Cluster Suite and Oracle RAC

Harri.Paivaniemi at tieto.com Harri.Paivaniemi at tieto.com
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you don't need RAC, you can cluster Oracle instances just like any other thinkg in the world.

You can make either an active-passive cluster (another as a spare) or an active-active where you spread database instances to both nodes and in the case of failure all run on one node. Or anything else.

You don't even need GFS, OCFS, LVM etc, you can keep things very simple, if you want to ;)


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I need to setup a 2 node cluster environment for an Oracle 10g Database 
in Red Hat.
If I chose to use Red Hat Cluster Suite, do I need Oracle RAC, or can I 
use a normal Oracle 10g version?
Even if it is an active/passive node setup?

Joaquim Machado

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