[Linux-cluster] "Simple" Managed NFS setup

denis denisb+gmane at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 11:00:03 UTC 2009


I have begun a setup with a pretty simple 3-node cluster and a couple of
services. One of these is NFS, and I have setup the basics as laid out
in the included cluster.conf below.

A couple of questions :

1. Do I need to keep the nfs-state information on the NFS_homes volume
so as to keep it in sync between clusternodes?

2. The nfsclient name="nfs" is added to enable the current NFS serving
node to mount its own export, otherwise I got

Jan 15 11:41:03 node03 mountd[14229]: mount request from unknown host
XX.XX.XX.174 for /mnt/nfshome (/mnt/nfshome)

This is obviously caused by the mount connecting as the NFS service
address instead of the hostaddress, what is the best way to resolve
this? Mounting with the serviceaddress is not a good solution it seems,
as failing the service over is problematic when that address is in use

3. I read "The Red Hat Cluster Suite NFS Cookbook" [1], as the reference
Red Hat documentation was a bit thin regarding best practices. Is there
more documentation available to read?

Any tips/pointers/help highly appreciated.

                <failoverdomain name="failover_nfshome" ordered="1"
                        <failoverdomainnode name="node01.domain"
                        <failoverdomainnode name="node02.domain"
                        <failoverdomainnode name="node03.domain"
                <ip address="XX.XX.XX.174" monitor_link="1"/>
                <nfsexport name="NFShome"/>
                <fs device="/dev/mapper/NFS_homes" fsid="2"
force_fsck="1" force_unmount="1" fstype="ext3" mountpoint="/mnt/nfshome"
name="nfs_homes" self_fence="0"/>
                <nfsclient name="node01" options="rw"
                <nfsclient name="node02" options="rw"
                <nfsclient name="node03" options="rw"
                <nfsclient name="nfs" options="rw" target="nfs.domain"/>
        <service autostart="0" domain="failover_nfshome" exclusive="0"
name="client_nfshome" recovery="restart">
                <ip ref="XX.XX.XX.174"/>
                <fs ref="nfs_homes">
                        <nfsexport name="nfshome">
                                <nfsclient ref="node01"/>
                                <nfsclient ref="node02"/>
                                <nfsclient ref="node03"/>
				<nfsclient ref="nfs"/>

[1] http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/doc/nfscookbook.pdf

Best Regards
Denis Braekhus

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