[Linux-cluster] Ip Settings

burton at simondsfamily.com burton at simondsfamily.com
Thu Jan 22 15:36:34 UTC 2009

I would like some advice on setting up a High  Availability solution using RHCS with Apache.

I would like my clustered nodes to communicate on vlan, and the client connections to come through another vlan.   Presently, I have 2 interfaces on each of 2 nodes.  1 interface on each vlan.  I also have a vip address for the clients to connect to for the apache server.

node a:
xxx.xxx.100.1  eth0 (used for client connections)
xxx.xxx.200.1  eth1 (used for interconnect, cluster communication)

node b
xxx.xxx.100.2  eth0 (used for client connections)
xxx.xxx.200.2  eth1 (used for interconnect, cluster communication)

xxx.xxx.100.100 address for clients to connect to apache.

My question is how do I configure the apache service (and / or the resources)  to use client interfaces using the vip address?

If i need to provide more information, please ask.  This is my first go at setting up a cluster.

Thank you,

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