[Linux-cluster] Mountoption _netdev status with gfs/gfs2

Marc Grimme grimme at atix.de
Mon Jun 8 09:02:19 UTC 2009

in a few bugs I read that you don't want to support the _netdev mountoption 
(Dave/Steve) with gfs/gfs2.

In order to being able to establish a relyable process to mount filesystems 
depending on the network (independently from the filesystem itself) for me it 
looks like a good step to at least support then _netdev mountoption with 

But if I specify the _netdev option with gfs it is just ignored and will not 
be shown.

Could you please shortly sum up or give me a reference where you described the 
reasons for not supporting it with gfs?

For us (using gfs/gfs2 as rootfs) it would make things much easier if the 
_netdev option would be available.

BTW: ocfs2 sets it as default.
Gruss / Regards,

Marc Grimme
http://www.atix.de/               http://www.open-sharedroot.org/

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