[Linux-Cluster] Submitting two new resource plugins to the project

Rafael Micó Miranda rmicmirregs at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 14:44:39 UTC 2009

Hi Jonathan

El jue, 04-06-2009 a las 16:39 -0500, Jonathan Brassow escribió:
> On Jun 4, 2009, at 1:48 PM, Rafael Micó Miranda wrote:

> I am sorry, I have not received your e-mail yet.  I suppose it could  
> have been caught by my spam filter.  Could you please try to send  
> again to: jbrassow at redhat.com?
> If that doesn't work, then I can send you a web address where you can  
> upload the code.
> thanks,
>   brassow
> P.S.  It seems I get all your messages on linux-cluster at redhat.com,  
> but I'm not seeing the others...

I send you a e-mail with the files last Thursday, but 'cause i see no
feedback I think you did not receive it.

Please tell me any other way I can upload the code.


Rafael Micó Miranda

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