[Linux-cluster] fence_scsi support in multipath env in RHEL5.3

Moralejo, Alfredo alfredo.moralejo at roche.com
Wed Jun 10 12:35:17 UTC 2009

As cluster wiki:


"Multipath devices are currently only supported for RHEL 5.0 and later with the use of device-mapper-multipath."

Additionally, I found in a HP document info about how to set up cluster. Acconding to that information it's supported with version 5.3:


It's not a Red Hat document but they are partners so....

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Rajeev P pisze:
> I wanted to know if fence_scsi is supported in a multipath environment 
> for RHEL5.3 release. 
> In earlier releases of RHEL5 fence_scsi was not supported in a 
> multipath environment for RHEL5.3 release. If I am not wrong, this was 
> because the DM-MPIO driver forwarded the registration/unregistration 
> commands on only on one of the physical paths of a LUN.  Ideally it 
> should have passed the commands on all physical paths.
> For RHEL5.3, is this issue resolved so that I can fence_scsi in 
> multipath environment. 

I don't think it's supported [1]

[1] - https://www.redhat.com/archives/rhelv5-list/2009-January/msg00092.html

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