[Linux-cluster] Did you use GFS with witch technology?

Andrew A. Neuschwander andrew at ntsg.umt.edu
Tue Jun 30 16:37:45 UTC 2009

I'm using GFS1 with CentOS 5.3 on ESX 3.5 and I'm mostly happy with it. 
If you are using a non-tickless kernel (i.e. RHEL/CentOS 2.6.18-x) be 
sure you are using the tick divider kernel option on your VMs. 
Otherwise, you'll see high loads.

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Tiago Cruz wrote:
> Hello, guys.. please... I need to know a little thing:
> I'm using GFS v1 with ESX 3.5 and I'm not very happy :)
> High load from vms, freeze and quorum lost, for example.
> Did you use GFS and witch technology? KVM? Xen? VirtualBox? Not Virtual?
> Witch version are you using? v1 or v2?
> Are you a happy people using this? =)
> Thanks

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