[Linux-cluster] Config fencing device when nodes are on 2 distincts Blade Center

Piche.Etienne at hydro.qc.ca Piche.Etienne at hydro.qc.ca
Tue Jun 30 19:28:20 UTC 2009

I have a RHCS 5.3 with 2 active/passive nodes.  I have 1 cluster service running these cluster ressources :
- 2 virtual IP;
- Tomcat 5 Web server;
- 1 GFS on SAN for the Web application files.
Each nodes has : 
  - 1 QUORUM disk (qdisk) on SAN too.
  - 2 LAN heartbeat. The 2nd is configured with <altname name> in cluster.conf
My two nodes are IBM Blades physically installed on 2 DISTINCTS Blade Center. 
How should I configure my fencing power device ? Must I define the 2 Blade Center ?
Thank you
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