[Linux-cluster] Did you use GFS with witch technology?

Andrew A. Neuschwander andrew at ntsg.umt.edu
Tue Jun 30 21:37:28 UTC 2009

I use divider=10 in my grub.conf. I remember playing with it a bit, but 
that was a long time ago. So I don't remember why I settled on that. It 
works well though.

Andrew A. Neuschwander, RHCE
Systems/Software Engineer
College of Forestry and Conservation
The University of Montana
andrew at ntsg.umt.edu - 406.243.6310

Tiago Cruz wrote:
> Andrew,
> Many thanks for your time!
> What value of 'divider' did you use? I'll put the same, 'cause its
> already tested :-p
> Best regards!

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