[Linux-cluster] Update cluster.conf in Fedora 10

dougbunger at yahoo.com dougbunger at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 5 14:05:38 UTC 2009

All nodes are up to date, booted this within the last 24 hours.

The behavior of ccs_tool seems to have changed at some point between 5.3 (FC6/7-ish?) and F10:
  # cp /etc/cluster/cluster.conf /tmp
  # vi /tmp/cluster.conf
  # ccs_tool update /tmp/cluster.conf
  Unknown command, update
  Try 'ccs_tool help' for help
The man page still describes the update function.

To your point about not editing, I'm there seem to be other differences, as system-config-cluster will not present the Mgmt Tab nor enable the "Send To Cluster" button, which works on my production RHEL cluster.  Unfortunately, the F10 works well enough, as long as I'm willing to reboot the entire cluster anytime I need to make a change.

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This is on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2, so YMMV for Fedora 10.



On Thu Mar  5  1:12 , Stewart Walters  sent:

>As far as I'm aware, your not supposed to edit /etc/cluster/cluster.conf directly.
>Doing so will cause cman to detect an unregistered change to
>/etc/cluster/cluster.conf and roll back to the previous version (someone correct
>me if I'm wrong here).
>The correct procedure is to take a copy of the file, then increment number of the
>cluster version, then use ccs_tool update to increment the cluster.
>That is: -
># cp /etc/cluster/cluster.conf /tmp
># vi /tmp/cluster.conf  [increment it's number to a number higher than all nodes
>in the
># ccs_tool update /tmp/cluster.conf
>ccs_tool will then distribute the new file to all cluster nodes, and cause this
>new version to be backed up as well (for further rollbacks of
>On Wed Mar  4  7:34 , Doug Bunger  sent:
>The setup has three VMs accessing a shared, attached partition, formatted as GFS.
>> /etc/cluster/cluster.conf
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