[Linux-cluster] Multiple block devices of different gnbd servers can be one GFS? How?

Hyeyoung Cho hyeyoung.cho at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 08:00:12 UTC 2009

*Hi all.*

*I have a question regarding GFS.*

* *

*Is it possible that the block devices on multiple gnbd servers were made to
one GFS ?  *

* *

*Of course, I already knew that GFS supports multiple gnbd servers for one
block device to provide High Availability *

*and GNBD clients can import multiple gnbd device. *


* gnbd_export -d /dev/sdc2 -e gamma **–**U*

* **gnbd_export -d /dev/sdb1 -e delta **–**c*

* *

*However, multiple hardwares(block devices) of each different nodes(multiple
gnbd servers) can be imported as one volume storage of GFS? *

*It was supported in GFS?*

* *

*If it would be supported how can I use it? *
*( I should make a Logical Volume at every gnbd clients and make GFS on it
??? )*

* *

*What does play the part in GFS modules? *

* *

*Thanks in advance*

*Hyeyoung Cho. *
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