[Linux-cluster] Cluster 3.0.0.beta1 release

Fabio M. Di Nitto fdinitto at redhat.com
Mon Mar 9 10:49:16 UTC 2009

The cluster team and its community are proud to announce the
3.0.0.beta1 release from the STABLE3 branch.

The development cycle for 3.0.0 is almost completed. The STABLE3 branch
is now collecting only bug fixes and minimal update required to build
and run on top of the latest upstream kernel/corosync/openais.

Everybody with test equipment and time to spare, is highly encouraged to
download, install and test Beta releases and more important
report problems. This is the time for people to make a difference and
help us testing as much as possible.

In order to build the 3.0.0.beta1 release you will need:

- corosync 0.94 (strongly recommended to use svn rev 1794 or higher)
- openais 0.93 (strongly recommended to use svn rev 1741 or higher)
- linux kernel 2.6.28.x (requires the latest release from the 2.6.28.x
stable release)

The new source tarball can be downloaded here:


At the same location is now possible to find separated tarballs for
fence-agents and resource-agents as previously announced

To report bugs or issues:


Would you like to meet the cluster team or members of its community?

   Join us on IRC (irc.freenode.net #linux-cluster) and share your
   experience  with other sysadministrators or power users.

Happy clustering,

Under the hood (from 3.0.0.alpha7):

Christine Caulfield (2):
      cman: remove the -f option from cman_tool nodes
      cman: mark libcman fencing APIs as deprecated.

David Teigland (1):
      man pages: cluster.conf updates

Fabio M. Di Nitto (4):
      init: silence ls output on error
      notifyd: fix memory leak in environment generation
      notifyd: don't leak memory if we fail to fork cman_notify
      libccs: small cleanup

Lon Hohberger (3):
      Ancillary patch to fix another case; bz #327721
      rgmanager: Remove sleep in startup of event thread
      rgmanager: Fix timeouts while trying to locate virtual machines

Marek 'marx' Grac (1):
      fence_egenera: Allow fence_egenera to specify ssh login name

 cman/cman_tool/cman_tool.h            |    1 -
 cman/cman_tool/main.c                 |   24 ------------------
 cman/daemon/commands.c                |    1 +
 cman/init.d/cman.in                   |    2 +-
 cman/lib/libcman.h                    |   43
 cman/man/cman_tool.8                  |    5 ----
 cman/notifyd/main.c                   |   20 ++++++++++++---
 config/libs/libccsconfdb/libccs.c     |    2 +-
 config/man/cluster.conf.5             |   19 ++++++++++----
 fence/agents/egenera/fence_egenera.pl |   15 ++++++++---
 rgmanager/src/daemons/rg_event.c      |   13 ++-------
 rgmanager/src/daemons/rg_state.c      |    7 +++--
 12 files changed, 71 insertions(+), 81 deletions(-)

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