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Andrew Hole andremailinglist at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 12:10:29 UTC 2009


I am trying to find the best approach for creating a distributed cluster
based on the following specs:

-          2 datacenters (close to each other and connected by fiber

-          2 storages (one on each datacenter);

-          1 server on each data center

In an event of a failure of a single datacenter, the remaining datacenter
must be responsible for assuring all services.

My approach would be to (I don’t exactly know if it is possible):

-          Present one LUN from each storage to both servers:

   server A (DC A) - LUN A (STORAGE A)

                                              LUN B (STORAGE B)

           server B (DC B) - LUN B (STORAGE B)

                                      LUN A (STORAGE A)

-          Create one logical volume on each of the servers using RAID1:

    server A (DC A) - LVM A /mydata [RAID1 de LUN A e LUN B]

    server B (DC B) - LVM B /mydata [RAID1 de LUN B e LUN A]

-          Configure a RedHat Cluster;

-          Put /mydata on the cluster;

Is this a feasible approach? Is there a better option?

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