[Linux-cluster] CS5 : limit for number of nodes in cluster

Jeff Sturm jeff.sturm at eprize.com
Fri Mar 13 13:08:26 UTC 2009

16 nodes here (CentOS 5.2).  No problems relating to cluster size.

Invest in your network--you won't regret it.  We've repeatedly found
RHCS is only as good as the network connecting it.  We currently have
Juniper EX-series switches connected to multiple interfaces on each
node.  The physical interfaces are bonded in active-passive mode.  We're
considering active-active (LACP).  What have others done?



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	Hi ,
	it seems that the CS5 supports up to 128 nodes ...
	(whereas it was 8 with CS3 and CS4 ? )
	did some of you have tested at least the CS5 with more than 10
nodes ?
	does it reveal any big problem or restriction to have big
clusters with CS5 ?

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