[Linux-cluster] 5.3 -- Multiple Apache + clurgmgrd

Henry Robertson henry.robertson at hjrconsulting.com
Sun Mar 15 03:52:16 UTC 2009

I'm having an issue starting a clustered Apache service in 5.3.

If I do a basic ip->httpd service, I get an error about a missing PID.

snippet from cluster.conf

<service autostart="1" domain="ecom.dev" exclusive="0" name="httpd1"
            <ip address="" monitor_link="1">
                <apache config_file="conf/httpd.conf" httpd_options=""
name="httpd1" server_root="/etc/httpd/httpd1" shutdown_wait="0"/>

Mar 15 07:43:25 ag01 clurgmgrd: [18329]: <err> Checking Existence Of File
/var/run/cluster/apache/apache:httpd1.pid [apache:httpd1] > Failed - File
Doesn't Exist
Mar 15 07:43:25 ag01 clurgmgrd: [18329]: <err> Stopping Service
apache:httpd1 > Failed

If I go into /etc/cluster/apache/apache:httpd/httpd.conf and uncomment the
###Listen it works fine. It also genereates the proper PID.

Ideas on what's going on here? I'm pretty sure it's supposed to inherit the
Listen address from the cluster.conf file, not have it commented out.

Henry Robertson

HJR Consulting LLC
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