[Linux-cluster] cannot add journal to gfs

vu pham vu at sivell.com
Wed Mar 18 19:54:53 UTC 2009

Bob Peterson wrote:
> ----- "vu pham" <vu at sivell.com> wrote:
> | Although my gfs partition has a lot of free space to add two more 
> | journal, but gfs_jadd complains of not enough space.
> | 
> | Do I have to run any extra command to make it work ?
> Hi,
> This is a common complaint about gfs.  Frankly, I'm surprised
> that it's not in the FAQ (I should add it).  GFS will only let you
> add a journal if you have space on your DEVICE that's not already
> dedicated to the file system.  In other words, you have to add
> storage to the volume, then do gfs_jadd BEFORE doing gfs_grow.
> If you use gfs_grow after adding storage, it will allocate all the
> free space to the file system and therefore has no room for any
> new journals.
> This problem was addressed in GFS2 where the journals are actually
> part of the file system.  So in GFS2 you can add journals dynamically.
> In GFS, you have to add storage, resize your lv, then gfs_jadd.

Thanks, Bob. It works as expected now.


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