[Linux-cluster] Problems with cluster (fencing?)

H.Päiväniemi harri.paivaniemi at tieto.com
Thu Mar 19 07:45:31 UTC 2009

I made a support query to official RH support for that,

but they just couldn't understand what I was saying and after all they 
said "it's normal" ;)

To my mind it was a bug... but this was what RH support answered:

" The problem with starting a cluster with one node and qdisk is that there 
needs to be an established cluster before the quorum disk can be added to the 
cluster. So if you would like to start the cluster as a single node that is a 
special configuration which has to be considered...and if you would like to 
drop a node for maintenance then you need to configure the cluster as a 3 
node cluster with the third node consisting of the qdisk."


On Thursday 19 March 2009 08:55:57 Mikko Partio wrote:
> 2009/3/19 <Harri.Paivaniemi at tieto.com>
> > ""Also, if I shut down both nodes and start just one of them, the
> > starting node still waits in the "starting fencing" part many minutes
> > even though the cluster should be quorate (there's a quorum disk)!
> > ""
> >
> > I had a similar situation and the reason why the first node couldn't get
> > up alone was, that cman was starting before qdiskd and so it didn't see
> > quorum disk votes and was not quorate at the moment. I changed those
> > (boot order) vice-versa and immediately node boots up ok and is up'n
> > running...
> That does make sense. Do you know if there's a reason for cman to start
> before qdisk or is it just a bug? Any Red Hat developers looking at this
> thread?
> Regards
> Mikko

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