[Linux-cluster] Freeze with cluster-2.03.11

Kadlecsik Jozsef kadlec at mail.kfki.hu
Fri Mar 27 19:02:11 UTC 2009

On Fri, 27 Mar 2009, Wendy Cheng wrote:

> ... [snip] ...
> > Sigh. The pressure is mounting to fix the cluster at any cost, and nothing
> > remained but to downgrade to
> > cluster-2.01.00/openais-0.80.3 which would be just ridiculous.
> I have doubts that GFS (i.e. GFS1) is tuned and well-maintained on newer 
> versions of RHCS (as well as 2.6 based kernels). My impression is that 
> GFS1 is supposed to be phased out starting from RHEL 5. So if you are 
> running with GFS1, why downgrading RHCS is ridiculous ?

We'd need features added to recent 2.6 kernels (like read-only bindmount), 
so the natural path was upgrading GFS1. However, as in the present state 
our cluster is unstable, either we have to find the culprit or go back to 
the proven version (and loosing the required new features).
> Should GFS2 be recommended ? Did you open a Red Hat support ticket ? 
> Linux is free but Red Hat engineers still need to eat like any other 
> human being.

We do not run RHEL5 but ubuntu hardy. GFS2 is not an option as it's 
officially still beta. And it's not possible to upgrade from GFS1 to GFS2 
node-by-node as we did at moving from cluster-2.01.00 to cluster-2.03.11.

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