[Linux-cluster] Freeze with cluster-2.03.11

Kadlecsik Jozsef kadlec at mail.kfki.hu
Mon Mar 30 07:43:42 UTC 2009


On Sun, 29 Mar 2009, Wendy Cheng wrote:

> Kadlecsik Jozsef wrote:
> > There are three different netconsole log recordings at
> > http://www.kfki.hu/~kadlec/gfs/
> One of the new console logs has a good catch (netconsole0.txt): you *do* have
> a deadlock as the CPUs are spinning waiting for spin lock. This seems to be
> more to do with the changes made via bugzilla 466645. I think RHEL version
> that has the subject patch will have the same issue as well.

You mean the part of the patch

@@ -1503,6 +1503,15 @@ gfs_getattr(struct vfsmount *mnt, struct dentry *dentry, struct
        error = gfs_glock_nq_init(ip->i_gl, LM_ST_SHARED, LM_FLAG_ANY, &gh);
        if (!error) {
                generic_fillattr(inode, stat);
+               if (S_ISREG(inode->i_mode) && dentry->d_parent 
+                   && dentry->d_parent->d_inode) {
+                       p_inode = igrab(dentry->d_parent->d_inode);
+                       if (p_inode) {
+                               pi = get_v2ip(p_inode);
+                               pi->i_dir_stats++;
+                               iput(p_inode);
+                       }
+               }
might cause a deadlock: if the parent directory inode is already locked, 
then this part will wait infinitely to get the lock, isn't it?

If I open a directory and then stat a file in it, is that enough to 
trigger the deadlock?

[Shouldn't we move this thread to the cluster-devel list?]

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