[Linux-cluster] All VMs are "blocked", terrible performance

Madison Kelly linux at alteeve.com
Sat Nov 7 05:09:18 UTC 2009

Hi all,

   I've built up a handful of VMs on my 2-node cluster and all are 
showing as being in a blocked state. The performance is terrible, too. 
All VMs are currently on one node (another problem, maybe related? is 
keeping me from migrating any).

My Setup:
(each node)
2x Quad Core AMD Opteron 2347 HE

Nodes have a DRBD partition running cluster-aware LVM for all domU VMs. 
Each VM has it's own logical volume. The DRBD has a dedicate gigabit 
link and DRBD is using 'Protocol C', as required. LVM is set to use 

Here's what I see:

# xm list
Name       ID Mem(MiB) VCPUs State   Time(s)
Domain-0    0    32544     8 r-----  22400.8
auth01     10     1023     1 -b----   3659.7
dev01      22     8191     1 -b----    830.2
fw01       11     1023     1 -b----   1046.9
res01      23     2047     1 -b----    812.1
sql01      24    16383     1 -b----    817.0
web01      20     2047     1 -b----   1156.3
web02      21     1023     1 -b----    931.1

   When I ran that, all VMs were running yum update (all but two were 
fresh installs).

Any idea what's causing this and/or why my performance is so bad? Each 
VM is taking minutes to install each updated RPM.

In case it's related, when I tried to do a live migration of a VM from 
one node to the other, I got an error saying that the VM's partition 
couldn't be seen on the other node. However, '/proc/drbd' shows both 
nodes are sync'ed and in Primary/Primary mode. Also, both nodes have 
identical output from 'lvdisplay' (all LVs are 'active') and all LVs 
were created during the provision on the first node.

Kinda stuck here, so any input will be greatly appreciated! Let me know 
if I can post anything else useful.


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