[Linux-cluster] Question about Resource Start and Stop Ordering for MySQL

Xishi PAN xishipan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 02:08:35 UTC 2009

Hi there,
    By checking through the start/stop ordering of service resource agent,
may I ask why "mysql" is not in the list?
    Because in my configuration, "mysql" agent is used to start up the MySQL
daemon and subsequent components' initialization depend on a functioning
database, I patched /usr/share/cluster/service.sh as below to ensure the
proper start/stop ordering.
       <child type="lvm" start="1" stop="10"/>
        <child type="fs" start="2" stop="9"/>
        <child type="clusterfs" start="3" stop="8"/>
        <child type="netfs" start="4" stop="7"/>
        <child type="nfsexport" start="5" stop="6"/>
       <child type="nfsclient" start="6" stop="5"/>
        <child type="ip" start="7" stop="4"/>
        <child type="smb" start="8" stop="3"/>
        <child type="mysql" start="9" stop="2"/>
        <child type="script" start="10" stop="1"/>
    Could you comment?
    Thanks a lot.
Stay Fabulous,
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