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Ed Sanborn Ed.Sanborn at genband.com
Tue Feb 2 16:42:39 UTC 2010

OK, I was not clear enough.  I can't take one of the 2 NIC's and
dedicate it for 
the heartbeat traffic.  That's the problem.  BOTH of the NIC's subnets
are needed
for the engineers.  I only have 2 physical NIC's.  So I need to
virtualize one of them
so that I can get 2 networks shared on one physical link.  In general I
know how
that is done.  In this case, I'm struggling with the particulars on the
RH OS, Nortel switch
and also if memory serves me correctly last time I tried this, the
heartbeat traffic could not
be sent over a virtual interface only a real interface.

Hopefully this makes my predicament clearer.  I have plenty of spare
But only 2 NIC's.  If I had a 3rd NIC on these blades I would be all


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On Tue, 02 Feb 2010 07:47:42 +0000, yvette hirth wrote
> Dirk H. Schulz wrote:
> > What I do not understand at the moment: If you can afford to
> > one of every blade's two interfaces to cluster communication, why
> > you put them into a VLAN (the real interfaces, not virtual ones) and
> > to it that the VLAN has not connection to any outside network?
> > Then the engineers would have no means of flooding your cluster 
> > communication subnet.
> yes, like an old dell 5124 24-port gigE switch.  i have about a bunch
> them laying around, and you can find them for cheap on ebay (like $100

> or so).  connect each port on the switch to one nic per blade.
> make sure your hosts files on all blades list all blades so as to
> dns (i'm sure it does if your cluster is working properly).  you can 
> block and log dns->out on your iptables and that way any unknown hosts

> will show up pronto.

i would add when you separate the internal/comunication network, in host
to list node1.internal, node2.internal pointing to the node IP in that
separated network and use those names in cluster.conf in order to move
multicast there

> just don't connect it to your firewall or any other internal network
> that'll work fine for a heartbeat-only subnet.  i used something like 
> this on a colo-hosted site for high-security sql-only (no outside) 
> access and it worked fab.
> yvette hirth
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