[Linux-cluster] clvmd init script

Abraham Alawi a.alawi at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Feb 2 20:21:03 UTC 2010

On 2/02/2010, at 8:38 PM, Dirk H. Schulz wrote:

> I am running a 2 node cluster on CentOS 5.4.
> Until yesterday I had always started the cluster services manually (service cman start, service clvmd start ...) and already noticed that service clvmd start never finishes - so I used "service clvmd start &" to get a working shell back.
clvmd runs before the backend storage is ready? 

> Yesterday I tried autostarting the cluster services (just cman, clvmd, gfs; no rgmanager yet) with system boot up, and now clvmd is stuck the same. I did not look into the order of init scripts before; since clvmd is started long before sshd, I now cannot log in, neither remote nor local.
> I had started up both nodes for this test, the other one without autostarting the services, so I can log into this and check for cluster sanity.
> group_tool ls looks like this:
>> [root at pclus1cent5-01 ~]# group_tool ls
>> type             level name        id       state       fence            0     default     00010002 none        [1 2]
>> dlm              1     clvmd       00020002 none        [1 2]
>> dlm              1     XenImages   00020001 none        [1]
>> dlm              1     XenConfigs  00040001 none        [1]
>> dlm              1     rgmanager   00050001 none        [1]
>> gfs              2     XenImages   00010001 none        [1]
>> gfs              2     XenConfigs  00030001 none        [1]
> XenConfigs and XenImages are GFS volumes - looks like they are mounted on both nodes, but clvmd only runs on one (which is weird since the GFS volumes are set up on clustered LVs). Or do I misinterpret the output?

The output of group_tool says the opposite, clvmd is running on both nodes, gfs volumes & rgmanager are running only on one. 

> Now the question is:
> Can I determine from the working node what the problem on the stuck node is? Can I force clvmd to finish or give up?
> And do I have to do/can I do something to the clvmd init script to make it work as expected?

I think some startup scripts clvmd depend on runs before it runs, find that service and make sure it runs before clvmd, you can confirm that by changing the sequence of clvmd script to run at last

> Dirk
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