[Linux-cluster] 2node cluster + qdiskd for TieBreak

jose nuno neto jose.neto at liber4e.com
Tue Feb 9 14:30:36 UTC 2010


Im running

Trying to setup a 2node cluster that can keep up providing service on
cluster network failure.

I've tried simple 2node setups but got several 2nodes fenced, so now I'm
trying with qdisk running.

My problem is that qdisk does not seem to be doing any of kill or stop cman
I have one heuristc for checking on IP, if I blocked it for one node,
qdisk score comes down but no reboot or kill.

If I stop cluster token communication qdisk verifies that the other node
is down but doesn't issue a kill, and after 100secs (
post_fail_delay="100" ) cman is doing the fence.

What do I ned to set so that qdisk does the kill? If put some pieces of
the cluster.conf below

Thanks in advance

<totem token="10000" consensus="200" join="100" send_join="0"
token_retransmit="238" token_retransmits_before_loss_const="4"/>

<fencedevice agent="fence_ipmilan" auth="password" ipaddr=""
lanplus="1" login="root" name="malta8-ilom" passwd="no7+WaYs"/>

<quorumd interval="1" label="MaltaQuorum" tko="3" upgrade_wait="2"
master_wait="2" votes="1" log_level="7" min_score="1" reboot="0"
allow_kill="1" stop_cman="1" status_file
        <heuristic interval="1" tko="3" program="/bin/ping -I bond2 -c1" score="1"/>

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