[Linux-cluster] [clvm] what happens when node is fenced/shutdown

AlannY m at alanny.ru
Wed Feb 10 18:56:40 UTC 2010

Hi there. I'm newbie in clustering, so I have one dummy question...

I've create simple 2 node cluster configuration. One block device I've shared from one
node to another with iSCSI.

Then, I've created clvm volume group of 2 device (shared and local). The same, I've done
on 2nd node.

lvcreate, create filesystem, mount, no problems.

But what will be happen if one node will be fenced or just shutdown. Will it allow to write data
to volume group? Will it allow to read from it? Or, it will wait for 2nd node to started up and
iSCSI exported device again?

So on...

Thanks for patience.

  /,   _.. \   _\  (`._ ,.

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