[Linux-cluster] N+M support ?

Martin Waite Martin.Waite at datacash.com
Sat Feb 13 06:14:12 UTC 2010

Suppose I have 3 services running on 5 nodes.  Each node can run only 1 service, 2 nodes are reserved for failover.
It is easy to configure rgmanager to cope with the first service node failure by including the 2 failover nodes in the failover domain for each service.   
However, is it possible to configure rgmanager such that on a second failure, only the failover node that is not currently running a service is considered for use ?  
Further, that if a third failure occurs, the affected service is not migrated at all ?
Also, is it possible to rank the services such that if the failover nodes are occupied by low ranking services and the node running a higher ranking service fails, that the lowest ranking service is evicted so that the higher ranking service can be failed over ?

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