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Martin Waite Martin.Waite at datacash.com
Sat Feb 13 15:45:13 UTC 2010

On 13 February 2010 07:10, Steven Dake <sdake at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Sat, 2010-02-13 at 06:46 +0000, Martin Waite wrote:
> >
> > I have a few questions about how the RHCS product / project is
> > managed.
> >
> > Is paid-for technical support available ?  Are consultants available
> > for hire ?
> >
> > What are the goals of the product ?  How are these decided ?
> >
> > Is there a road map ?
> >
> > Are any Red Hat staff dedicated to this product ?  If so, how many ?
> >
> > There is a surprising lack of this sort of sales information available
> > - at least none that I have found outside of the scant RHEL AP
> > documents.
> >
> Martin,
> This list is for the discussion of community related issues for those
> people using cluster2/3/4 and gfs2 rather then company specific product
> issues.  Company specific product issues should be directed at your
> vendor of choice.  Distros are encouraged to adopt the upstream sources
> generated by this project to their liking and sell/support/give away
> however they choose.  This is a community project first and foremost.
> The goals of the cluster project are to deliver a best of breed
> community driven cluster stack.  The project objectives are decided by
> the community based upon typical open source process - write patches,
> submit them, they are merged, project increases quality/features,
> repeat.  Influence over the project direction is directly related to
> effort done by contributors, as is typical with any type of community
> activity.
> Roadmaps are difficult to generate for community driven projects,
> because it always depends on what community members want to work on.
> There is no centralized "command and control" as is typical with
> proprietary software development.
> Regarding your business-related support questions, many distros have
> adopted the software provided by this project.  If your looking for
> commercial support and consulting, I suggest you speak to your software
> vendor of choice - they likely have options for you.
> Regards
> -steve
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Hi Steve,
I got the impression that this was a Red Hat product given that the mailing list, wiki, and documentation are all hosted and administered by Red Hat, and given that most commits to the source tree are from what I take to be employees of Red Hat.  My only other experience of a community project is MySQL, which is very much a company product first and community project second.  Please excuse my ignorance.
It is clear that the source code is all available under the fedora Git repository, but the area I am struggling with is the documentation.   Are the documents open source,or are these proprietry?  Is it possible to contribute to the documentation set and the wiki ?   Is there an SCM for these documents ?
I would like to contribute to the project and I feel that a good way would be to help with documentation.  For example, a recent question I asked (today,in fact)  was resolved by a feature of failover domains that is present in the GUI documentation ("run exclusive") - but is nowhere to be found in the XML schema documentation.
In fact, that document seems to run out of steam in the final section.
I want to know if it is worthwhile for me to update this document based on the most recent release.  This would certainly be a useful exercise for me.
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