[Linux-cluster] Overview of openais.conf and amf.conf

Digimer linux at alteeve.com
Mon Feb 15 22:26:04 UTC 2010

Hi all,

   I've asked this before on the OpenAIS mailing list, and again today, 
but without any luck. I hope I can be forgiven for cross-posting this 
question to the general clustering mailing list. :)

   I've been working on some docs for clustering, and have wanted to
cover the options in openais.conf and amf.conf. I've had a heck of a
time finding a list of what options are valid in each and how altering
their values effects the cluster.

   Is there such a list? If not, would someone be willing to help me
write an overview? Further, there are a lot of docs on the role of AIS
in general, but I've not found a good doc explaining what role AIS plays
in Linux clustering. The docs all seem to have the impression that the
reader is already familiar with AIS in general and is just looking for
the OpenAIS specifics.

   Any pointers or help will be much appreciated!


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