[Linux-cluster] cman not started: Can't find local node name in cluster.conf

Dusty dhoffutt at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 19:26:46 UTC 2010


I had previously had several clusters running using the Cluster Suite
software versions included in the RHEL5U3 ISO.

The service that was being made highly available depends on the hostname
being one static hostname, so I had made every node in the cluster the same

In configuring the cluster.conf, was able to use the IP addresses instead of
fully qualified hostnames, and this worked as of RHEL5U3.

Just figured out, this seems not to be the case with the Cluster Suite
version included in the RHEL5U4 x86_64 ISO. Using IPs instead of hostnames
causes cman to say, "cman not started: Can't find local node name in

Does anyone know of a way around this?

How would the Cluster Suite react to the hostname changing via a Cluster
Suite service/resource script, at "script start" and then returning it to
the original node-name as "script stop"?

Cannot stress how absolutely enormous this issue is to me.... Thank you.
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