[Linux-cluster] updating nodes and failback oprion

F M dist-list at LEXUM.UMontreal.CA
Mon Feb 22 16:38:21 UTC 2010

I have a 3 Xen nodes cluster + GFS2 (SAN). All VM are in the GFS2 FS.
OS:  just updated to RH 5.4

During the Dom0 update of one of the nodes I used live migration to move VMs to another node. After the update, I rebooted the server. When it came back VMs tried to go back to his preferred node.

I'd like to move back the V.M. manually instead,  is nofailback=1 would do the trick ?

I looking for a wait to :
- booting VM on a prefered node (This part is working)
- If the node fails, the VM is restated on another node (this part is working)
- If the VM is moved (live or relocate) by me or by the cluster because of a node failure. The VM stay on the new node. I will manually move it back after checking 


Here is some info abouth the cluster.conf



<failoverdomain name="node1" nofailback="0" ordered="0" restricted="0">
<failoverdomainnode name="cluster01-node1.cluster.lexum.pri" priority="1"/>

<failoverdomain name="node2" nofailback="0" ordered="0" restricted="0">

<failoverdomainnode name="cluster01-node2.cluster.lexum.pri" priority="1"/>

<failoverdomain name="node4" nofailback="0" ordered="0" restricted="0">
<failoverdomainnode name="cluster01-node4.cluster.lexum.pri" priority="1"/>



<vm autostart="1" domain="node2" exclusive="0" max_restarts="0" migrate="live" name="bolzano.dmz.lexum.pri" path="/home/xen/domU/bolzano.dmz.lexum.pri" recovery="restart" restart_expire_time="0" use_virsh="0"/>

<vm autostart="1" domain="node4" exclusive="0" max_restarts="0" migrate="live" name="scanno.dmz.lexum.pri" path="/home/xen/domU/scanno.dmz.lexum.pri" recovery="restart" restart_expire_time="0" use_virsh="0"/>

<vm autostart="0" domain="node1" exclusive="0" max_restarts="0" migrate="live" name="test" path="/home/xen/domU/test" recovery="restart" restart_expire_time="0" use_virsh="0"/>

<vm autostart="1" domain="node1" exclusive="0" max_restarts="0" migrate="live" name="spezia.dmz.lexum.pri" path="/home/xen/domU/spezia.dmz.lexum.pri" recovery="restart" restart_expire_time="0" use_virsh="0"/>


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