[Linux-cluster] Repeated fencing

Doug Tucker tuckerd at lyle.smu.edu
Mon Feb 22 19:53:29 UTC 2010

We did.  It's problematic when you need to reboot a switch or it goes
down.  They can't talk and try to fence each other.  Crossover cable is
a direct connection, actually far more efficient for what you are trying
to accomplish.

On Mon, 2010-02-22 at 11:57 -0600, Paul M. Dyer wrote:
> Crossover cable??????
> With all the $$ spent, try putting a switch between the nodes.
> Paul
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> Subject: [Linux-cluster] Repeated fencing
> We have a 2 4.x cluster that has developed an issue we are unable to
> resolve.  Starting back in December, the nodes began fencing each other
> randomly, and as frequently as once a day.  There is nothing at the
> console prior to it happening, and nothing in the logs.  We have not
> been able to develop any pattern to this point, the 2 nodes appear to be
> functioning fine, and suddenly in the logs a message will appear about
> "node x missed too many heartbeats" and the next thing you see is it
> fencing the node.  Thinking we possibly had a hardware issue, we
> replaced both nodes from scratch with new machines, the problem
> persists.  The cluster communication is done via a crossover cable on
> eth1 on both devices with private ip's.  We have a 2nd cluster that is
> not having this issue, and both nodes have been up for over 160 days.
> The configuration is basically identical to the problematic cluster.
> The only difference between the 2 now is the newer hardware on the
> problematic node (prior, that was identical), and the kernel.  The
> non-problematic cluster is still running kernel 89.0.9 and the
> problematic cluster is on 89.0.11.  We are afraid at this point to allow
> our non problematic cluster upgrade to the latest packages.  Any insight
> or advice would be greatly appreciated, we have exhausted our ideas
> here.
> Sincerely,
> Doug
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