[Linux-cluster] Xen on RHEL cluster

Jakov Sosic jakov.sosic at srce.hr
Fri Feb 26 17:29:44 UTC 2010


I'm using Xen on RHEL cluster, and I have strange problems. I gave raw
volumes from storage to Xen virtual machines. With windows, I have a
problem that nodes don't see the volume as same one.... for example:

clusternode1# clusvcadm -d vm:winxp
clusternode1# dd if=/dev/mapper/winxp of=/node1winxp
clusternode2# dd if=/dev/mapper/winxp of=/node2winxp
clusternode3# dd if=/dev/mapper/winxp of=/node3winxp

When I download these files and diff them, they all three differ.

Also, sometimes very strange things happen. For example I download some
file into winxp, shut it down, then start it on another node, and file
is missing?!?!?!?!

Should I use CLVM and not raw volumes from storage? Why is this happening?

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