[Linux-cluster] GFS handling of executable files and I/O

Abraham Alawi a.alawi at auckland.ac.nz
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I reckon GFS is poorly documented, there are lots of things about it you won't be able to know until you deploy it and run into problems, I lately resized GFS and it badly effected NFS, it turned out to be a known issue but was not documented anywhere, adding journals is another example, they don't tell you would need to expand the file system if you decided to add more journals until you run gfs_jadd and complains of no enough space, gfs tuning options (gfs_tool gettune) are not documented either .. 

On 26/02/2010, at 3:37 PM, Alan A wrote:

> I made /var/www gfs shared so I could share cgi-bin directory among cluster nodes. Yesterday we tested this out and failed. Users complained about slow page execution and I noticed with 'lsof /var/www/cgi-bin' command that many executable files are listing as open files. This brings me to a question - Does GFS treat executable files same as files open for read / write? 
> Unrelated to previous question, what GFS parameters can I tune with 'gfs_tool settune /volumename' to get better I/O? I am dealing with single threaded application that has a lot of I/O, mostly opens files for writing.
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