[Linux-cluster] Snapshotting GFS and freezing

Dirk H. Schulz dirk.schulz at kinzesberg.de
Thu Jan 14 17:21:03 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

I found several howtos on the web stating that if you want to snapshot a 
gfs volume (on top of clvm, of course), you have to freeze gfs (using 
gfs_tool) to make that possible.

What comes in mind then is: If I have to freeze the gfs volume anyway, 
do I need a snapshot at all? Can't I copy the contents off the frozen 
gfs volume directly?
Because the basic purpose of a snapshot is to provide files that do not 
change during beeing copied. And I would expect a frozen gfs volume to 
provide exactly that.

Please help in clarification.


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