[Linux-cluster] Snapshotting GFS and freezing

Jeff Sturm jeff.sturm at eprize.com
Fri Jan 15 14:38:30 UTC 2010

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> Hmm.. so snapshots with CLVM are possible nowadays?

Honestly, I think I heard it is possible, but I don't know exactly when and how.  We are running 5.2 and I can say definitively that CLVM snapshots do not work in 5.2.  (I have, as a workaround, dropped the cluster bit, taken a snapshot, and re-clustered the volume group.  Not too painful to do provided I have exclusive access from one node.)

I know 5.3 enabled clustered mirroring, which I think is a prerequisite to clustered snapshots.  I've seen patches to make snapshots work on a clustered vg.  5.4 may fix it, but I haven't tried that yet.

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