[Linux-cluster] LVM and GFS as resource/service not starting

Dirk H. Schulz dirk.schulz at kinzesberg.de
Wed Jan 27 17:10:03 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

I tried to integrate a CLVM vg and the GFS partitions living there into 

This is what I added:
>         <resources>
>                 <script name="sshd-virt" file="/etc/init.d/sshd-virt"/>
>                 <lvm name="VolGroup10" vg_name="VolGroup10"/>
>                 <clusterfs name="XenConfigs" fstype="gfs" 
> device="/dev/VolGroup10/XenConfigs" mountpoint="/mount/point1" 
> force_unmount="0"/>     
>                 <clusterfs name="XenImages" fstype="gfs" 
> device="/dev/VolGroup10/XenImages" mountpoint="/mount/point2" 
> force_unmount="0"/>     
>         </resources>
>         <service name="GFS-XenVols" autostart="1" domain="ALL">
>             <lvm ref="VolGroup10"/>
>             <clusterfs ref="XenConfigs"/>
>             <clusterfs ref="XenImages"/>
>         </service>
But rgmanager failed to start the service. This is all I get:
> /var/log/messages:Jan 27 17:54:57 pclus1cent5-01 clurgmgrd[27744]: 
> <err> #43: Service service:GFS-XenVols has failed; can not start.
> /var/log/messages:Jan 27 17:54:57 pclus1cent5-01 clurgmgrd[27744]: 
> <crit> #13: Service service:GFS-XenVols failed to stop cleanly
How can I get more detailled output from clurgmgrd?

And is there any syntactical error in the above entries in cluster.conf?

Any hint or help is appreciated.


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