[Linux-cluster] Seeking Advice on 2node/3node Architecture

jose nuno neto jose.neto at liber4e.com
Thu Jan 28 10:41:11 UTC 2010


I've been testing cluster suite for a few weeks and starting to get a
better understanding of it. I'm preparing a design for a high-availability
solution and would like to ear from you in regards to used solutions,
stable, more tested....

The scenario I have is this:

.2 Datacenters ( 20Kms a apart ) linked with Fiber Channel Loop / and TCP
.Storage available on both datacenters
.1Node on each Datacenter

the goal is to build a high-available solution for oracle db, comprising
data protection, 2 node systems active/passive ( eventually 3node, or
qdiskd )

my current doubts are on preventing a splitbrain on network comunication
break between the 2datacenters, making sure data is protected, and 1node
keeps up service.
would a simple 2node config be able to do it? or I should think of qdisk
with some heuristics

I'd apreciate some thought on this

Best Regards

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