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Check this out


 I don't think it necessary to go for any separate NIC For cluster
hearbeat , if you are running system with multiple NIC then go with
ether net channel Bonding with active passive mode instead of round
robin , because  with round-robin mode i faced some packet loss that
may cause cluster to miss some heartbeat messages.

 Note:  I  done an tons of two node RHEL5 Cluster implementation , all
works like an charm without any seperate heart beat and more over all
are running Oracle DB  with more that 3 lakhs transction per day.

  If  you have any more doubt please revert me back

On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 11:51 PM, Fagnon Raymond <pcs.fagnonr at pcsb.org> wrote:
> Here are the packages that are installed that I can find. I inherited this system so I am not sure if everything is installed.
> rgmanager-2.0.46-1.el5
> cman-2.0.98-1.el5_3.7
> Cluster_Administration-en-US-5.2-1
> modcluster-0.12.1-2.el5
> system-config-cluster-1.0.55-1.0
> This cluster I believe was designed to be a failover.
> Here is what clustat tells me
> [root at a0040slinuxgfs1 ~]# clustat
> Cluster Status for LinuxCluster @ Fri Jan 29 12:12:02 2010
> Member Status: Quorate
>  Member Name                                                     ID   Status
>  ------ ----                                                     ---- ------
>  a0040slinuxgfs1                                                     1 Online, Local, rgmanager
>  a0040slinuxgfs2                                                     2 Online, rgmanager
>  Service Name                                             Owner (Last)                                             State
>  ------- ----                                             ----- ------                                             -----
>  service:Virtual Server                                   a0040slinuxgfs1                                          started
> This is a gig network so bandwidth should not be an issue I believe. Please inform me on the heartbeat since I very new at this.
> Raymond
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> Fagnon Raymond schrieb:
>> I have a two node cluster and I want to setup the heartbeat monitor
>> over the network. Does anyone have an example of what I need to add to
>> the cluster.conf file to make this happen?
>> I don't have any nics that I can dedicate for a cross over cable for
>> heartbeat so I was thinking I could use the serial or the network
>> itself. Is it possible to just use the primary interface for heartbeat
>> since it is my understanding it is nothing more than a ping.
> Excuse me, are you talking of the old Linux-HA which is often referenced
> as "Heartbeat"?
> And what kind of two node cluster do you have? What software packages
> have you set up already?
> This is RedHat cluster suite, and it uses a fairly complex cluster
> communication. If your cluster communication and all other communication
> use the same network/nics, you might run into trouble if "other
> communication" uses up your network bandwidth.
> Dirk
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