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I vaguely remember from my work on UNIX clusters many years ago that if /dir is the mount point of a mounted filesystem then cd /dir or into any directory below /dir from an interactive shell will prevent an unmount of the filesystem i.e. umount /dir will fail.  I believe that this restriction is because it will create an inconsistency in the state of the shell process. lsof will not show it.

Of course most users after login end up in the home directory by default.

I believe that Linux will have the same semantics as UNIX. You can test that easily on a standalone Linux box.


Chris Jankowski

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I have a 5 node cluster backed by an FC SAN with 5 VG's each with a single LVM.

I am using ha_lvm and have lvm.conf configured to use tags as per the instructions. Things work fine until I try to migrate the volume containing our home dir (all others work as expected) The umount for that volume fails and depending on the active config, the node reboots itself (self_fence=1) or it simply fails and get's disabled.

lsof doesn't reveal anything "holding" onto that mount point yet the umount fails consistently (force_umount is enabled)

Furthermore, it appears I have at least one ov my VG's with bad tags, is there a way to show what tags a VG has?

I've gone over the config several times and although I cannot show the config, here is a basic rundown in case something jumps out...

5 nodes, dl360g5 2xQcore w/16GB ram
2x4GB FC, multipath
5VG's each w/a single lv each with an ext3 fs.
ha lvm in is use as a measure of protection for the ext3 fs's local locking only via lvm.conf tags enabled via lvm.conf initrd's are newer than the lvm.conf changes.

I did notice that the ext3 label in use on the home volume was not of the form /home (it was /ha_home) from early testing but I've corrected that and the umount fail still occurs.

If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.

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