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Randy Zagar zagar at arlut.utexas.edu
Wed Nov 3 17:55:58 UTC 2010

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I frequently find that I'm unable to umount volumes, even after lsof
and fuser return nothing relevant, and have to "force" a "lazy" umount
like so:

    umount -lf /dir

because both "umount /dir" and "umount -f /dir" fail.

- -RZ

> On Nov 3, 2010, at 2:15 AM, "Jankowski, Chris"
> <Chris.Jankowski at hp.com> wrote:
>> Corey,
>> I vaguely remember from my work on UNIX clusters many years ago
>> that if /dir is the mount point of a mounted filesystem then cd
>> /dir or into any directory below /dir from an interactive shell
>> will prevent an unmount of the filesystem i.e. umount /dir will
>> fail. I believe that this restriction is because it will create
>> an inconsistency in the state of the shell process. lsof will not
>> show it.
>> Of course most users after login end up in the home directory by
>> default.
>> I believe that Linux will have the same semantics as UNIX. You
>> can test that easily on a standalone Linux box.
>> Regards,
>> Chris Jankowski
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>> Folks,
>> I have a 5 node cluster backed by an FC SAN with 5 VG's each with
>> a single LVM.
>> I am using ha_lvm and have lvm.conf configured to use tags as per
>> the instructions. Things work fine until I try to migrate the
>> volume containing our home dir (all others work as expected) The
>> umount for that volume fails and depending on the active config,
>> the node reboots itself (self_fence=1) or it simply fails and
>> get's disabled.
>> lsof doesn't reveal anything "holding" onto that mount point yet
>> the umount fails consistently (force_umount is enabled)
>> Furthermore, it appears I have at least one ov my VG's with bad
>> tags, is there a way to show what tags a VG has?
>> I've gone over the config several times and although I cannot
>> show the config, here is a basic rundown in case something jumps
>> out...
>> 5 nodes, dl360g5 2xQcore w/16GB ram EVA8100 2x4GB FC, multipath
>> 5VG's each w/a single lv each with an ext3 fs. ha lvm in is use
>> as a measure of protection for the ext3 fs's local locking only
>> via lvm.conf tags enabled via lvm.conf initrd's are newer than
>> the lvm.conf changes.
>> I did notice that the ext3 label in use on the home volume was
>> not of the form /home (it was /ha_home) from early testing but
>> I've corrected that and the umount fail still occurs.
>> If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it.
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