[Linux-cluster] RH Cluster / Pacemaker / Veritas Cluster Server & SF

Digimer linux at alteeve.com
Fri Nov 19 15:32:29 UTC 2010

On 11/19/2010 07:15 AM, Fabio M. Di Nitto wrote:
>>> did you file any bugzillas?
>> I didn't file any. First I tried posting to this list hoping that
>> someone would shout "hey, you messed up your setup! you were not
>> supposed to do this and that" etc etc. But I actually haven't got any
>> reply at all.
> Understood, but you need to file bugzilla´s for issues. We simply don´t
> have enough resources to track bugs on mailing lists too.
> Ok please, for each problem file a separate bugzilla, collect
> /var/log/cluster/* and cluster.conf.

I've filed several bugs now, and most of them do get addressed.

> I´d be very happy to help, but two warnings, the rgmanager maintainer is
> temporary unavailable and I don´t have his expertise. Failure to provide
> requested data, is going to make it complex to debug.
> If, for any reason, you need to hide password in cluster.conf, please
> attach the "mangled" version in bugzilla and a send a pristine copy to
> me and Lon<lhh at redhat.com>. We don´t care about your passwords or real
> ip addresses, but we have seen way too many people breaking cluster.conf
> only to mask a password. We need to make sure everything is in the right
> place.

For what it's worth, I've found Fabio and Lon to be wonderfully helpful 
and I've trusted Fabio enough to give him access to my machine in the 
past. I know that you don't me, so this is of limited value I suspect, 
but I trust them and wouldn't hesitate to send pristine config files to 
either of them.

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