[Linux-cluster] RHEL 6 cluster filesystem resource and LVM snapshots

Jankowski, Chris Chris.Jankowski at hp.com
Tue Nov 23 06:13:56 UTC 2010


I am preparing a build of a RHEL 6 cluster with a filesystem resource(s) (ext4 or XFS).  The customer would like to use LVM snapshots of the filesystems for tape backup.  The tape backup may take a few hours after which the snapshot will be deleted.


Is the filesystem resource compatible with using LVM snapshots?

How can I reconcile the temporary existence of a snapshot with the notion of the filesystem resource, which is all about having things permanently mounted ?

Would either ext4 or XFS be preferable for any reasons for use with snapshots for backup?

I'd appreciate your comments.

Thanks and regards,

Chris Jankowski

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