[Linux-cluster] Clustered DNS service use on the node's resolvers?

Colin Simpson Colin.Simpson at iongeo.com
Fri Nov 26 15:50:29 UTC 2010


I playing with clustering bind. The named service has it's own IP
resource. I have successfully tested a basic caching name servers all
seems to be working. 

Now is it possible (or wise) to give the nodes of the cluster hosting
the DNS service the resource IP as their DNS server in their

This is mainly so that other services can have a highly available DNS
service. Multiple DNS servers in resolv.conf really is a non-starter as
it takes forever to give up on the first name server and try the next
one (then it always keeps trying the first server again on subsequent

My main issue, I think, is that I'm guessing so long as all my cluster
node names (and any other names) used in cluster.conf are in /etc/hosts
then the cluster suite itself should be happy ? Does is ever need to hit

But what if services (maybe Samba or httpd) uses and/or requires DNS? I
know I could make these dependant on DNS but that seems a bit messy
(with so many services inside one). Plus I would like DNS to be in a
different failover domain from some of the services. So I suppose the
question is, does rgmanager start the service and decide a service is
alive or dead based on just return status, not timeouts ? Will it get
upset by a slow starting service? And will it start services in parallel
(not waiting for each to start in turn)? 

Anyone else tried this?



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