[Linux-cluster] what should fence_xvm do if dom0 is down

Joel Heenan joelh at planetjoel.com
Fri Oct 1 05:12:08 UTC 2010

I'm conducting some HA testing and I found that if I destroy a dom0, the
other guest nodes (running on separate dom0s) all try to fence the guest
that has disappeared but they fail because they can't reach fence_xvmd (the
dom0 is down). They sit there trying to fence forever and never make any
progress until the dom0 has rebooted and the guest is back up. This is a lot
of downtime.

What I tried was to make a secondary fence_manual after the fence_xen but
the problem is that it then requires me to manuall acknowledge fencing.

What I would like is "try fencing, if it fails don't worry just continue as
if it succeeded"? Is there an option for this?


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