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Nehemias Urzua Q. nehemiasjahcob at gmail.com
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Best regards!
2010/10/18 Bäumer, Robert Arnold <robert.baeumer at uni-muenster.de>

>  Hello List,
> I test a HA Cluster in an ESX3.5 and vSphere 4 environment. In the Conga
> Gui is a VMware Fencing option but I can't find any documentation about this
> option. I've already read something about it but there are still some
> questions. I hope somebody can help.
> How does it work exactly? Who communicate with whom? Communicate the guest
> with the vCenter Server or the guest with the ESX Host? And what is with
> Migration when the guests communicate with the ESX Host?
> Has somebody a declaration? Maybe even a drawing or picture?
> Thank you for your help.
> Best regards
> Robert
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