[Linux-cluster] Fence Issue on BL 460C G6

Wahyu Darmawan wahyu at vivastor.co.id
Wed Oct 27 12:51:02 UTC 2010

Hi all,


For fencing, I'm using HP iLO and server is BL460c G6. Problem is resource
is start moving to the passive when the failed node is power on. It is
really strange for me. For example, I shutdown the node1 and physically
remove the node1 machine from the blade chassis and
<http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/> monitor the clustat output,
clustat was still showing that the resource is on node 1, even node 1 is
power down and removed from c7000 blade chassis. But when I plugged again
the failed node1 on the c7000 blade chassis and it power-on, then clustat is
showing that the resource is start moving to the passive node from the
failed node. 
I'm powering down the blade server with power button in front of it, then we
remove it from the chassis, If we face the hardware problem in our active
node and the active node goes down then how the resource move to the passive
node. In addition, When I rebooted or shutdown the machine from the CLI,
then the resource moves successfully from the passive node. Furthurmore,
When I shutdown the active node with "shutdown -hy 0" command, after shuting
down the active node automatically restart. 

Please help me.


Many Thanks,

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